Software Development

Our approach to software development includes working with you to establish the vision and scope of the project, picking the right platform for the job, using the right team members to bring it to life on time and within budget.


    • Planning! The first rule sounds a little old-fashioned, but it still has meaning:  Measure twice, cut once.  Once we have an understanding of your software development needs, we can help you plan a development strategy and put together an implementation plan.


    • Project Management – we are versed in both Lean and Agile methods, using multiple tools. We can work with tools your organization may already have in place, or pick something appropriate to your organization such as Basecamp or other collaborative setups.


  • Implementation teams – our people work together in teams to bring the project to life, based on the needs of the project.

Examples of our past projects include:

    • Electronic Document Management Software – This work was done with one of our nearshore teams of engineers, with multiple releases of software with full library, archival, index and search capability. This software was used by military organizations, government organizations, law firms, medical groups including hospitals, etc.  We not only developed the software, but worked as the organization’s tech support group as well.Database and web applications – Custom software projects are no stranger to us.  We’ve developed database and web-enabled projects for customers, based on their current and growing needs.  Applications were produced with MySQL, ODBC, Oracle, Cassandra using a plethora of programming languages – JAVA, PHP, .NET, Active Directory, HTML5, Telerik ASP.NET Ajax controls, and others.


    • Biometrics - In addition to the development of general purpose software applications, Team Allita has extensive experience in the development of cutting-edge security solutions based on biometrics. Working with a team of firmware developers, Team Allita developed a fingerprint recognition system for controlling access within commercial and governmental facilities. The system collected, stored and compared fingerprint minutiae, with provisions for multiple fingerprint recognition and the triggering of silent alarms on the detection of designated fingerprints. Fingerprint collection took place through a secure user registration application that was also developed by Team Allita.


    • Facial Recognition - Team Allita designed and developed a facial recognition solution for the gaming industry that processes live video feeds to highlight the faces of individuals in crowded rooms who have features matching those of known cheaters. This solution involved the real-time normalization of facial features for comparison against a common stored database of known cheaters. This system serves as a "force multiplier" for the security personnel at casinos throughout the world.

Software Maintenance

We’ve worked as software maintenance teams for not only software we’ve written, such as the EDMS project above, but also for software projects that we didn’t initially develop.  While the code often changes over the years, we can often help make changes, updates, and security controls for software projects.

Mobile Apps

Have a great idea for an App? We can help bring that vision to life. 

We have a team that specializes in creating Mobile Apps, for either Apple or Android platforms.

We can help take your project through the planning process, implementation, and then working with the Apple Store to allow your app to be published there.

Interactive SLR Guides

We have developed over 20 iPhone applications for a publishing company headquartered in the US and the UK. This company publishes books and multimedia material on various topics, and they have chosen photography as the starting point to go mobile. These applications serve as an interactive user manual for the SLR camera, with model-specific information. They allow the user to virtually tap the camera buttons to get detailed help on the function, along with a simplified photography course. Other functions include a notepad, a lighting conditions selector to get the best configuration, a light meter and others.


Have a technology need? Contact us to see what our team can do for you.

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