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IT Security and Infrastructure Monitoring by Team Allita

The term 'Advanced Persistent Threat' has recently been coined in reference to new, more advanced cyber-attacks being launched by increasingly sophisticated hackers. These APT attacks often cannot be adequately addressed by fully automated processes, and sometimes require the attention of counter-hacking specialists.  Historically, when serious cyber-attacks have been detected, such incidents have been handed off to members of a pre-defined CSIRT ("Computer Security Incident Response Team"). These teams were almost always comprised of various technical specialists drawn from a cross section of personnel throughout the organization.

In today's fast-paced world the time required for a part-time team of non-specialists to diagnose and mitigate an advanced cyber-attack can be unimaginably costly.

Team Allita's three tier CSIRT team fills this void by monitoring all your critical systems 24x7 for security events.  When our tier 1 personnel observe an alert, based on the severity and nature of the alert and the affected environment, they contact appropriate individuals and coordinate a rapid and appropriate response.  In more severe cases this involves the activation of a CSIRT drawn from our own counter-hacking specialists as well as appropriate personnel from your organization (as specified in our service agreement). The CSIRT quickly characterizes the threat, collects evidence, takes appropriate (often predefined) steps to nullify the threat, and documents the incident for future reference.

Proven in Battle
Many organizations can install and configure software and monitor for "red flashing lights", however very few have experience to immediately take effective action when those lights start to flash. For years Team Allita's InfoSec engineers have been implementing security infrastructure and providing monitoring services to high-profile Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley start-ups. When Team Allita becomes part of your team all of that expertise goes to work for you.

When Team Allita's engineers and technicians are not working on active threats they are constantly researching, conducting drills and evaluating new tools and techniques to stop hackers in their tracks. The result is that modern cyber-attacks receive aggressive attention when needed.  Team Allita's tier 3 support staff consists of CISSP certified InfoSec specialists.

Our Process
Immediately after engaging Team Allita to provide security monitoring services, we begin to work with you to install any needed hardware and software on your systems and to interface your monitored environments with our own "Conclave" centralized monitoring console.  Once operational, our tier 1 personnel begin monitoring alert conditions, sending out alert notices and convening CSIRT teams as circumstances warrant. Team Allita InfoSec consultants and administrators are also available to work with you to define and proactively implement other information security protections within your environment such that many future security incidents are avoided altogether.

Our Attack Sensors Update Daily to Recognize the Latest Attacks
Each day the incident detectors we install in your environment update with the latest vulnerability definitions so that you are assured that the system is constantly adapting to new threats.

Cost-Effective Protection
Team Allita's narrow focus on IT security, coupled with our many years of expertience administering systems and networks, enable us to get your security monitoring up and running rapidly.  With Team Allita on the job security incidents receive timely and appropriate attention.   This translates into greatly reduced risk of catastrophic service disruptions and data loss.

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