About Us

aboutussmTeam Allita, Inc. is a technology service company with over 25 calendar years of business experience. Founded by a former NASA and Defense industry engineer, Team Allita has grown into a strong team of developers, administrators, technicians and project managers. Our goals are to provide business technology solutions and support to companies around the world. We are committed to provide quality service and solutions to all those we serve. Because we are team oriented, we have members with expertise in different areas to provide a wider range of solutions to today's technology problems and issues.

We work in the worlds of software, web, systems and mobile applications. We provide services that not only cover development, but also implementation, maintenance and support. Our team members work well together to provide a complete offering of services and support for our customers.

Our Vision: To be a trustworthy liaison from the customer to the often complicated technological environments on which we all rely.

Our Mission: Team Allita's mission is to provide excellent service using best practices in all areas of our work, whether it is the individual customer's needs, or the Fortune 100. We work as a team to solve our customer's issues, whether it is in development, implementation or support for technology realms.


Have a technology need? Contact us at 813-989-2136 to see what our team can do for you.

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