Team Allita has brought together an international cadre of the most talented and knowledgeable engineers, technologists, managers and support staff on the planet - all solely focused on the mission of putting modern technologies to work for our clients.

  • Team Allita software developers are presently developing software and embedded systems that are critical to tomorrow's business processes - in applications ranging from electronic document management to biometric security.
  • Team Allita consultants are assisting Fortune 500 companies in redefining and implementing information security and business processes to address the needs of an ever-changing technology landscape.
  • Team Allita artists and webmasters are developing cutting-edge Internet projects utilizing the latest AJAX and Web 2.0 technologies.
  • Team Allita system administrators are keeping critical systems running at peak performance 24x7.

At Team Allita, the "Team" is everything. All our resources, regardless of location, constantly work as a cohesive group to provide our clients with exceptional levels of service and productivity. Our personnel are constantly communicating across the globe to provide our customers with access to collective knowledge and expertise that encompasses the full spectrum of modern technology.

The result is a company that is uniquely suited and eminently qualified to meet the technology needs of any organization.